Shrinkwrap encapsulation is strong, flexible and durable, providing modern containment and protection for a huge range of uses and industries.

Headed up by experienced Contracts Manager Mark Bisset, our shrinkwrap and containment division allows us to provide high-tech, durable encapsulation solutions for a wide variety of markets.

Shrinkwrap is used for containing pollutants or contaminants and providing weather protection, and is increasingly important in the industry. Our cutting-edge shrinkwrap products can withstand high winds and difficult weather conditions, and are easily repaired if there’s any damage.

How does it work?

A thermo-plastic material is applied to a frame or scaffolding and then heated, which causes the material to shrink, making it incredibly strong, rigid and durable. Our shrinkwrap is certified fire-retardant.

Markets and usage

Our flexible, durable shrinkwrap can be used for containment and weather protection in the oil, gas and marine industry, including offshore and shipyards. We also provide the service to the civils industry, including bridges and public buildings.

We offer shrinkwrap services for a wide range of other uses, including:

  • As a wrap for transport and storage for transport providers
  • For building temporary shelters and unique structures
  • At media events, for example covering media structures like camera towers

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