New in-house shrinkwrap and containment division

McDonald Scaffolding has been providing a modern shrinkwrap and containment service for some time. We’ve recently brought the service in-house and set up a new shrinkwrap and containment division, headed up by experienced Contracts Manager Mark Bisset who has been working in encapsulation and the oil and gas industry for over nine years.

Shrinkwrap is used for containing pollutants or contaminants and providing weather protection, and is increasingly important in the industry. A thermo-plastic material is applied to a frame or scaffolding and then heated, causing the material to shrink, making it extremely strong, rigid and durable.

Mike McDonald, Managing Director, explains our decision to set up the new division: ‘Shrinkwrapping is something we were increasingly being asked for, so it made sense to bring it in house as opposed to contracting it out. Excellent service is extremely important to us, and bringing it on board means we can carefully monitor and improve our quality and service in this area.’

Mark comments: ‘I’m delighted to be on board at McDonalds, providing encapsulation and containment solutions both on- and offshore for new and existing clients. At the moment we have a pool of very experienced staff, and we intend to expand in the new year to take advantage of the huge variety of possible uses for the service.’